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Reserve Bank Hotel Development Auckland continued...

We think our team of hard working scaffolders are probably enjoying some of the best views in downtown Auckland right now as we work on the hotel project at the old Reserve Bank building on Customs Street.

 Reserve-Bank-Hotel-Scaffolding-Project 2 Reserve-Bank-Hotel-Scaffolding-Project 3

Reserve-Bank-Hotel-Scaffolding-Project 4 Reserve-Bank-Hotel-Scaffolding-Project 5


Reserve Bank Hotel Development Auckland

We have now erected 7 floors of the new 15 storey Customs Street Hotel block, progress has been going very smoothly with only a few hold ups with the weather. The old Reserve Bank building has a few stories in the walls and still have the original lift shafts in place but no signs of any gold bars left behind...



Penrose Warehouse Clean-up

The clean-up work from the fire damaged warehouse in Penrose is now well under way and we have made the task so much easier by taking on the demolition work, the engineering requirements and sorting out the roofing work required, they say we are a One Stop Shop. Our aim to is get the business up and running as quickly as we can with as little interruption as possible.

  all-scaffolding-demolition-roofing-factory-3 all-scaffolding-demolition-roofing-factory-7 

all-scaffolding-demolition-roofing-factory-4    all-scaffolding-demolition-roofing-factory-5    all-scaffolding-demolition-roofing-factory-6


Roof Edge Protection in Auckland


The camera is out again checking up on the lads this morning and we're on the job for Spencer Henshaw providing safe edge protection scaffolding for one of the many State Houses that they look after throughout the Auckland area.

Thorough Health and Safety requirements are always put in place for all repair work when working at height.

Keep up the great work guys!


Old Reserve Bank To Become Hotel

All Scaffolding Ltd together with CP Group are transforming the old Reserve Bank building on the corner of Customs and Gore Street into Auckland’s newest Hotel. Two more levels will be added to the current 13 floor structure and should take 12months to complete. The building will undergo a full exterior scaffold with shore loading and propping scaffolding on the inside.

Follow the progress as we go.

 all-scaffolding-reserve-bank-auckland1 all-scaffolding-reserve-bank-auckland2