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The Madness - Auckland

Dugald Peters from MuleNZ Events contacted All Scaffolding Ltd to be part of this year’s event organising part of the obstacle which the competitors had to complete. The event was held In the Woodhill Forest just North/West of Auckland attracting a huge interest.


All Scaffolding worked closely with the Mule Event Management team to put together a concise selection of appropriate challenges to meet the needs for the inaugural “The Madness” Auckland event. Safety details were worked through, along with the most efficient timescale for on site work. The All Scaffolding team were extremely helpful from start to finish and we will look forward to larger projects with them in the future.

Many thanks to the team at All Scaffolding Ltd

Dugald Peters
Events Manager


Mission Bay Rennovation

After completing the Coatesville mansion, Chris Dent Construction have called us in again for a total renovation for this Mission Bay property.


The Architects have drawn up plans to include dorma windows, deck extensions and roof alterations which will totally maximise the stunning views over Mission Bay and the Waitamata harbour.


Arena Hotel Auckland - Public Protection

Further to our early work at this Auckland landmark, we have erected a protection scaffold to protect the public from falling materials

The protection gantry was made up from a kwik stage system and tube and clip scaffold, with a fan board at around a 45 degree angle above the road side

We believe this scaffold will be needed for at least a year.



Coatsville Scaffold & Shrinkwrap

 all-scaffolding-coatesville-1 all-scaffolding-coatesville-2 

all-scaffolding-coatsville-3 all-scaffolding-coatesville-4 

This large Coatesville property is undertaking a large makeover which is happening in stages with full encapsulation of shrink-wrap. Tube and clip scaffolding is ideal for this job due to its strength and support.