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New Scaffolding Arrives

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Our latest shipment of scaffolding has just arrived in Auckland which as always brings much excitement to the team. Not only can we forge ahead to meet the ever-increasing demands in the construction industry, additionally our colour branding and pressed 'All Scaffolding' logo means that we stand out from other companies.

We are always trying to use the newest equipment possible as it not only looks great but it is able to be erected with ease, meaning less time and reduced costs.

Another Triumph For All Scaffolding

All Scaffolding Fishing Boat Scaffold  4 -423 All Scaffolding Fishing Boat Scaffold  3 -422 All Scaffolding Fishing Boat Scaffold  2 -421 All Scaffolding Fishing Boat Scaffold  1 -424

After a frantic call looking for a solution to get welders over the bow of a Sandfords fishing boat in port at the viaduct due to a  recent storm, I decided to erect a hanging scaffold off the deck with the platform about a metre off the water line. We erected the scaffold just as the sun came up and dismantled it the same day just as the sun went down. Sandfords were absolutely delighted with not only the service but the way we were able to construct what they though was to be a near impossible task.

Kila Kokonut Krew Factory Set


Back to the stage we go after lengthy talks with the production department of the Factory, a story of oppression of the Polynesian community when they first arrived on our shores and how they were exploited by wealthy business men as cheap labour.

All Scaffolding Stage Scaffolding Killer Kokonut

All Scaffolding along with the designer came up with a design that will be able to travel the globe whilst on tour for the next twelve months.


The show hits Australia and Europe so the scaffold we designed had to be able to be moved around the stage freely and be a system that could be sourced anywere, so of course it had to be good old Kwikstage with a few little tweeks.

The show runs at the Vodafone event centre in south Auckland for a week.

Break a leggboys and girls!

Marine Scaffolding Auckland

All Scaffolding Marine Scaffolding

We received a call with a frantic voice at the end of the line saying that they had a rush job on a fishing boat due to leave for Wellington on Saturday. So we mustered the troops for a 4 am start to get the welders onboard for an 8am start. We then returned on a Saturday to take down the canterlever just as the painter got off board - the paint was still wet!

The vessel then got under way on the out going tide.

It was the quick reaction time and willingness to go the extra mile to help that won us this scaffolding installation.

Balcony Repairs Part II


Stage 2 commenced at the central Auckland hotel this week.

This stage was a little more difficult than the last due having to erect the support and access towers off a veranda roof. So we had to look at directing the load of not only the crumbling balcony and the work men (live load ) but the scaffold (dead load ) back down to the ground.

In this case we back propped the veranda roof.

This worked exceptionally well and is in use as I write...

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