Cantilevered Scaffolds

Cantilevered Scaffolding

A cantilevered scaffold is an independent tied standing scaffold constructed in accordance with the Best Practice Guidelines but erected from cantilevered beams (RS), ub, Soldiers,trusses, etc) out from a building or structure. Cantilevered scaffolds using a beam type arrangement must be designed by a chartered engineer.

Needles should be secured by through bolting (dividag bars), anchoring or propping between the needle and the floor above. Where possible the inboard part of the needle should be at least 3 times the outboard length. The base of the scaffold should be tied to the needle as close as practical to the Uhead jack.

All practicable steps need to be taken to protect the area below the cantilever during the eraection and the dismantling process. Additional precautions such as full planking and plying the bas lift of the scaffold, kickboards and screening be used to prevent the dislodgement of materials from the working platforms.

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