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Industrial Maintenance Scaffold

 The request came in on Monday for a rather a large scaffolding job over a conveyor that carries plastic bottles at Visy Recyling in Albany on Auckland's North Shore.

All Scaffolding Industrial Maintenatnce Scaffold-2

The scaffold ended up being over 30 metres long and 8 metres high in places, with the purpose of the scaffold being to pull one fibre optic cable along a cable tray. The scaffold will be up for one day, followed by 2 days of dismantling.

Balcony Repairs

Early last week we received a frantic call from a hotelier in Auckland CBD.balcony repair scaffold

The hotel had a major problem with a balcony that had broken bits of concrete that had fallen on to a pedestrian walk way below.

We visited site and quoted for a 20 metre high scaffold tower with the ability to shore up to the underside and give access for working on for the repairs.

Whilst on site I notice that there was another balcony with exactly the same problem luckily this one was over waste ground so we formed a protection fan to guard the footpath nearby.


Riverhead Real Estate Scaffolding Job Blog

We received a call from a land developer this week who explained that they had a really sloping section that was due to be auctioned this weekend. They wanted to be able to cater for those who wanted to get a feel for what the outlook might be from a building on the site.

After a 10 minute phone call of brainstorming I came up with the idea of building a scaffold with a large platform just around the same height as were the potential properties deck / living room would be built to show potential buyers of the views etc. We also attached the structure to the level ground with a 15 metre walk way for access suitable for wheelchair access.

Our client was very happy with the end product and interested purchasers were able to truly appreciate the site's potential.

Auckland Art Gallery - Access scaffolding

Auckland Art Gallery

After receiving a panicked call from the curator of Modern Art on a Tuesday afternoon, I arranged to attended the Auckland Art Gallery the next morning. This gave me an opportunity to scope out the job and speak to the relevant trades who would be using the scaffold, unfortunately everyone wasn’t available at this time so a site meeting was arranged that afternoon for four o’clock.

 AllScaffoldingAucklandArtGallery6   AllScaffoldingAucklandArtGallery5 

At the site meeting I was informed of the extremely tight time line, and that the gallery would require a scaffold 14 meters wide and 20 meters high to be erected the following day which was Thursday evening. During the meeting I had discussed the option to encapsulate the scaffold using shrink-wrap, this would be successful in keeping the site safe as the gallery could carry on their day to day operations and keep the exhibition hidden till the unveiling.

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