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Cantilever Scaffold For Tower Repair

 all scaffolding tower repair 


LEP Construction has engaged All Scaffolding to assist with the Highgate Towers repairs. We have had to build a cantilever scaffold off strongback soldiers that are bolted into the wall and then bridged across each deck.


Mt Eden - Roof Edge Protection

 mt eden roof edge protection 

When it comes to full roof replacements or repairs then you will need to keep safety at the forefront. Using tube and clip scaffolding, it's quick and easy as well as being cost-effective.

This Mt Eden set of units were ready to be worked on within a few hours. So remember All Scaffolding for any roof or spouting replacement or maintenance work.


Penrose Railway Station Scaffolding

 all scaffolding railway station scaffolding

The Penrose Train Station platform is being upgraded and Libbet Ltd has called on All Scaffolding to provide access ladders, platform edge protection and guard rails.


Flat Bush Residential Scaffolding

residential scaffolding flat bush

We are currently building a large temporary roof structure covering 1964m2 of shrink wrap in Flat Bush. This roof structure will cover 7 residential dwellings with very little inconvenience caused due to the way we have built it, using access beams and tube and clip. Everyone's happy!