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Infrastructure Scaffolding Devonport

Watercare Services in Auckland faced an issue with the stability of infrastructure in Devonport. Quickly on the scene, we stabilised the asset with a tube & clip scaffold solution. Not your average day at the beach!

 council scaffolding devonport auckland 


Urgent Scaffolding

When our valued client Winstone Wallboards had an industrial dryer fan break down at 3am, who did they call?   You guessed it - us! 

We raced to the site and promptly erected a 6metre high Kwikstage scaffold tower.

 urgent scaffolding 


Scaffolding for aircraft maintenance

In addition to working on water and land, we also provide scaffolding solutions for things that fly! The mobile scaffold tower shown below was used to facilitate the removal of the tail of an aircraft.

 all scaffolding aircraft maintenance 


Play Centre Scaffold Dismantle

We get the job done, no matter what! He wanted double his normal rate, a $2 bag of lollies for helping to dismantle Pukekohe East Play Centre's scaffold. Not bad for a Saturday morning!

 all scaffolding pay centre scaffold dismantle