Aluminium Scaffolding

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Aluminium (lightweight) frame and brace proprietary systems are commonly called aluminium towers or aluminium scaffolds. They are either fixed (static) or mobile. All prefabricated aluminium scaffolds must be erected per the manufacturer's specifications and instructions.

Aluminium systems in use today have an extensive range of products that can be used in most scaffolding applications. While aluminium mobile scaffolds are used more than aluminium fixed or static scaffolds, most of these systems utilise the same equipment.

An aluminium scaffold that is more than one bay long must maintain unimpeded access. Climbing through the scaffold's frame rung is not permitted. Walk through frames or space frames must be used. Ladder or stair access must be provided to all working platforms.

In the case of a mobile aluminium scaffold, if the lowest working platform using prefabricated decks is above 3.0m from the supporting structure, then plan bracing must be provided at the base of the scaffold. Please note the aluminium frame must be fully decked (captive) at the lowest working platform or a plan brace must be used. Check the manufacturer's instructions.

Particular attention must be taken to ascertain the intended use of the aluminium scaffold, in particular the designed safe working loads per bay. Aluminium is generally lighter than other scaffolds and is therefore more prone to the impact of uneven loads or wind loads.

When stacked one on top of the other aluminium frames must have a positive connection. This is accomplished by connecting frames with an exterior joiner or locking pin, or by bracing over the frame join on both sides of the frame.

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