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Scaffolding over verandahs, gantries or roofs can be potentially hazardous due to a variety of different hazards associated with scaffolding on, through or over a structure.

In these circumstances, once you have determined the requirements of the scaffold the following shows some of the options available to you:

  • 1. Scaffold directly through the verandah e.g. standards to pass through the verandah.
  • 2. Backprop the verandah directly below each standard. This transfers the scaffold weight through the verandah to the backpropping directly below each standard.
  • 3. Backprop the verandah when the standards and backpropping are not directly in line. This may require using a beam system on top of the backpropping under the verandah and a similar beam  system on top of the verandah below the standards. This method is used to transfer the load of the standard along the beam system when the backpropping has to be offset.
    4. Scaffold directly on the verandah. An engineer must certify that the verandah can support the imposed loads of the scaffold and the DOL may request to inspect the engineer's certificate.
    5. Erect a heavy-duty gantry over the verandah and scaffold from the gantry.
    6. Cantilever out a window or opening above the verandah to support the scaffold.
    7. Hang a scaffold from the parapet to form a hanging scaffold.
  • 8. Suspend a scaffold (swinging stage) or (boatswain's chair).

It is advisable to get an engineer's certificate on any backpropping required other than backpropping directly below the standards when the verandah supports are clearly shown. It is recommended that all scaffolds erected on verandahs, gantries or roofs be checked by a chartered engineer, thereby transferring the liability to the engineer to state that the verandah, gantry or roof can support the imposed loads.

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