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St Heliers Shrink Wrapped Scaffolding

The St Heliers Shrink Wrap encapsulation is now complete and just in time with all this rain. Rebuilds can be time consuming with multiple tradesmen working at once and with this full shrink wrap there will be no delays.



St Heliers Scaffolding & Shrink Wrap

The scaffold structure is now complete for this St Heliers property to be shrink wrapped. With a use of Kwik Stage scaffold, beams and Tube and Clip scaffold ensuring stability and protection from this high elevation looking over the Waitemata Harbour.


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Riverhead Scout Den

When the Riverhead Scout Den needed a new roof they contacted All Scaffolding to erect the roof edge protection safety railing. This tube and clip system works a treat to get the job done right.

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Scaffolding Adding Strength


This week we assisted Winstone Wallboards with support scaffold for recladding after the wall collapsed due to over filling the gibb shed. The support scaffold will ensure the wall doesn't collapse. A buttress bay adds the extra scaffold support and gives the structure strength.


Beat Winter With A Shrink Wrap Scaffolding Solution!


It was all hands on tools this last weekend. As the weather is changing so is the demand for shrink wrap. This St Heliers property is getting a full encapsulation of shrink wrap which enables the work to continue without delays. This all-weather protection can with stand fairly strong winds and can be easily patched or repaired if required.

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