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Marine Scaffolding Crew Trapped By Police

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The guys are having an evenful day which started at 6.00am at the Viaduct Harbour this morning working on a Sanfords Fishing vessel. The access mast scaffolding was erected but on completion the guys were stuck in the Downtown protesters march which has cordoned off all access in and out of the Viaduct.

1 Year Coastville Scaffolding Project

Finally after 1 year our Coatesville Auckland scaffolding project is drawing to an end as a 200 tonne crane rolled in with spreader bars and lifting strops The tube and clip temporary roof and the walls had the shrink wrap taken off the weekend before in preparation of the scaffold dismantle Once the crane was position the temporary tube and clip scaffold beamed roof sections were ready to be dismantled in 3 separate lifts

When the 1st section was taken off we had 3 scaffolders ready to dismantle and load onto the truck in readiness for the 2nd and then finally the 3rd and last section The whole process only took 8 hrs with 6 men and the main contractor was very happy due to his expectation of nearly 2 days, a saving on crane hire and time saving on the project.




Milford Roof Edge Protection Scaffold

Keith Kerr from Shakespear Road, Milford is another happy customer with his roof edge protection in place for the painters to do tile repairs and painting. Roof scaffolding, edge protection using tube and clip is a big part of our winter work schedule.



St Heliers Shrink Wrapped Scaffolding

The St Heliers Shrink Wrap encapsulation is now complete and just in time with all this rain. Rebuilds can be time consuming with multiple tradesmen working at once and with this full shrink wrap there will be no delays.



St Heliers Scaffolding & Shrink Wrap

The scaffold structure is now complete for this St Heliers property to be shrink wrapped. With a use of Kwik Stage scaffold, beams and Tube and Clip scaffold ensuring stability and protection from this high elevation looking over the Waitemata Harbour.


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